Ley-Line official localization announced

Hi guys, as you may have heard, Sekai Project just announced their official localization of Ley-Line. Yes, we have been aware of this, and that’s why work on the patch was stalled. Apologies for the lack of updates. Needless to say, we will not be releasing the translation patch for this game. Please support the […]

Next project

I guess it’s about time we announced our next project: Tokeijikake no Ley Line (A Clockwork Ley Line) by UNISONSHIFT Blossom. This is actually a trilogy of three VNs, the third of which is not yet released in Japan. Naturally we are starting with the first VN, Tasogaredoki no Kyoukaisen (Twilight Boundary Line), and will […]

Patch release

No this is not an April Fool’s joke. It’s not even April! Thank god it’s not April. As if this project needed to delayed ANOTHER five months. Download link: Self-hosted | MEGA Translation notes: kouhi.me/Translation%20Documentation.html (also included in patch download) The patch translates everything except for the Font Settings window. I made a reference image […]


So as it turns out, progress on this is actually being made (!?) and editing is complete. I believe all of the technical issues have also been fixed, and now it’s just waiting on some final QC. Seriously, I am as surprised as you are. Apparently there is no ETA on release date because our […]

Shizuku editing complete

I have received word that editing for Shizuku’s route is finally done. That is all. Blah edit: The editor’s started working on Kohaku’s route, and it shouldn’t take anywhere near as long as Shizuku’s route since he’s not swamped with schoolwork anymore. Hopefully we can finish this project up within a couple months. As for […]

Hey guys!

Shini-tan here. There seem to be many misconceptions about the status of this project (and myself). 1. We have a handy staff page here. If you would take a look at the table, you would see that I am not an editor for this project and thus editing progress is out of my control. 2. […]

Translation Complete!

The Shinikiss translation is complete as of an hour ago. You can find the patch here nope.jpg Shizuku and Kohaku’s route still have to be edited, and we still have to work out the technical issues mentioned earlier (word wrap, etc) and a few new ones. But rest assured, we’ll obviously finish this up since […]

Honoka route complete

Honoka’s route has been completely translated and edited. A partial patch together with the common route will be released sometime in the near future, but we still have to fix some technical issues and give it a QC pass or two. ETA is sometime next month, since Blah is busy with exams or something. That […]

Common route complete!

Didn’t want to wait until the scheduled status update lol. As of three days ago, the common route has been completely translated and edited. It only makes up about 15% of the game, so we won’t be releasing a patch for it just yet. I will be translating Honoka’s route while Blah will be translating […]

Status Update: 01/01/11

Wishing a happy new year to everyone that actually reads this blog. Common route is 79% complete (11.6% overall). The common route itself is pretty short, so I’m not sure if we’ll have a partial patch for that or not. …I don’t really have anything else to say, so I guess it’s back to stalking […]