The Shinikiss translation is complete as of an hour ago. You can find the patch here nope.jpg

Shizuku and Kohaku’s route still have to be edited, and we still have to work out the technical issues mentioned earlier (word wrap, etc) and a few new ones. But rest assured, we’ll obviously finish this up since we’re already so close.

In the meantime I will fill post space with pictures.

34 thoughts on “Translation Complete!

    • Undecided. I don’t really feel like translating another VN (especially after I realized just how annoying H-scenes were), but we’ll see.

      • Why don`t just put something like
        *screams in ecstasy* Takeru,Takeru it feel`s good *screams some more*.Or you could just translate one without H but then it would lose all meaning and couldn`t be called an eroge.

        • It’s not even the moans that are annoying, because that’s just copy-pasting the sound effect over and over again. It’s the massive walls of repetitive description.

  1. Good to see this being translated. I’ve wanted to play it for a while now, but I wasn’t aware there was a project going for it. I want to personally thank you for that.

    Do you have any sort of idea or goal as to when the full patch will be released? I’m still a bit green on this. I haven’t a clue how long it takes to edit the two remaining routes.

    • In terms of actual editing, it shouldn’t take too long. The problem is that Shini is too busy with TERA to go through translation checking the rest of the routes as well, which comes before editing, so I have no idea when that’ll get finished. Also, the engine is a bitch to work with when it comes to English.

      Well, worse comes to worst, we could just release it without translation checking and actual word wrap, but I don’t really want to put out something that’s not of the best possible quality.

  2. So, shini is the reason your stalled in your project because she will not stop playing TERRA? That Rather furstrating! cant you presure her or something to do some work or have someone else do it? Shini been playing Terra for MONTHS! Its a long ass game especially because its online so there is no telling when it will end. I hope that we wont have to wait a whole nother year for the patch just because shini could not get away from Terra for a bit.

    Sorry I am not trying to complain. You guys have done a lot of work and i am very greatful for you translating this game. It just frusting to hear as (I am so excited to play the game) that no further progress can be made because of something like Terra

    Thanks again

    for the hard work and am rooting for you guys to complete it.

    • I am sorry for being so rude! You guys are doing this for free and i should not be complaing. I am sorry Shini if i offend you or anything i am just excited about the Translation being completed and was hoping we would see the patch by christmas. I hope that you forgive my harsh words


  3. Okay seriously – I know you guys are volunteering your time, but the editor isn’t even doing his JOB. This is hardly fair for the translators/script hackers who spent countless hours trying to make this game a success. I am not whining or anything, and I am not judging – okay, maybe I am – but you can only be so conceited before the community starts raging at you.

    • First off, Shini isn’t even an editor; she’s the translation checker/image editor.

      Second, there haven’t even been that many people working on this. As the translator for (the majority of) this game, I’ve probably done the most work, and Shini probably second most before she started playing TERA. Hell, she was the one who started this project in the first place.

      In any case, the community already is raging at us. Do you think she even cares? Not in the slightest. If she did, we would already have the patch out by now. But yeah, if you want to talk to her about it directly, just message Shini-tan on IRC or something. I don’t think she really checks these comments all that much anymore.

      On that note, since you mentioned editing, our editor isn’t editing because he believes that TLC should come before editing.

      • “… she was the one who started this project in the first place”.

        Doesn’t that just make things worse?

        “Do you think she even cares? Not in the slightest”.

        Then you might as well just release the un-TLC’d patch, as Shini doesn’t care about this project any more in the first place. Then she can go play her TERA, and we can enjoy ShiniKiss – everyone’s happy.

        • I wouldn’t really be happy releasing a subpar quality patch. You’ve already waited this long; have some patience. It’ll be out eventually. I’m pretty sure there are some other visual novels you could be enjoying, or some other things you could be doing as well.

  4. reading this i understand both sides, however I believe that people dont understand the entire process of translating a game. so Blah let me ask you a couple of things: 1st, what is the entire process in detail.
    2nd why cant someone else check the translations, isn’t it just checking for accuracy?

    • Our general process is translation -> translation check -> edit -> QC. Each step is pretty self-explanatory.

      Getting someone else to check the translations is a matter of getting someone who has the time and dedication to go through 10k lines and check it for accuracy, and they’d have to read the other 8k lines to even understand the story. I don’t really know anyone who has that kind of free time, and I don’t want to try and recruit someone since I don’t know what they’re capable of.

      In any case, the editor and I both have midterms until the end of October, but we’ll try and get some stuff done after that.

  5. Thanks for your continued effort Blah! You and the editor seem to be the only two individuals keeping the project alive since Shini is off playing Terra and does not seem to really care at the project anymore.

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