217 thoughts on “Status

  1. Yes waiting is tough,
    well I hope the patch will get released soon.
    but take your as much time as you need.
    only thing I ask is keep us up to date.
    Good luck

  2. thanks for translating this, good luck with those fixes.

    now that the translation is done, are the translators starting to do the sequel or do they need to help with QC?

    • Since its killing you its killing me also finished 91 VN until today, I almost have nothing to finish. This VN would give me 2 weeks of LIFE ! So pls do your best to finish this :(

  3. So how goes the technical work? I noticed that there has not been a reply from the staff lately and was curious, if you guys needed any help. I am willing to help in any way I can, and I am a quick study on technical stuff I don’t know.

  4. blah can you give us some kind of news?? is been a long time with the same status, i have faith in you but any info is greatly aprecciated, Regards

  5. Its Nivember, my cactus in the garden got alot bigger, so this month’s questions remains any one alive ? Or its just my cactus thats alive :))

  6. I really hope this porject is not dead.
    the game looks great and all, and really want to play it.
    I know you guys are working hard and all, but could you atleast
    give us status updates now and then. even if you don’t do a lot.
    it’s just to let us know you are still there.
    you guys have fans here waiting for your translation, I know we
    can be a pain in the ass. and we ask so often.
    but we only do so becouse we care. atleast I do.

    I cant blame poeple saying that this poject is dead if they hear notting.
    I just hope this game gets the translation it deserves,
    please let us hear from you.

  7. An update of any kind would be nice. I’m sure if you need help with anything, someone from the community would be willing to offer it.

  8. As you know, we still waiting for your project, and it’s doesn’t matter the patch is release next year or decade, at least we need your condition, if the project is dead because certain circumstances it’s alright there is no other choices (and hope someone can bring this back), but as i say, we need your information about your project condition :D

  9. First comment in 2016.
    It seems that the project is dead.
    But could we at least have what you’ve done so far?Without editing and stuff, I mean.

  10. Are there any updates regarding the status of the project?
    I was really hyped for this novel and I hope that it is not dead. >.<

  11. Just heard about the Sekai Project news on twitter :o
    Gratz I guess (dunno if you say gratz for this kinda thing) and looking forward to playing it hype. Guess when you said ‘There will be news on ley line soon.’ you really meant soon xD
    Thanks for your work!

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