Honoka’s route has been completely translated and edited.
A partial patch together with the common route will be released sometime in the near future, but we still have to fix some technical issues and give it a QC pass or two. ETA is sometime next month, since Blah is busy with exams or something. That said, I’d personally recommend waiting until at least the Shizuku patch because Honoka’s route by itself isn’t very stellar. Well, if you want to boost our ego you can get the patch anyway to raise our download counts. w

In other news, Shizuku’s route is a mere 27% done, because Blah is somehow even lazier than I am when it comes to translating. Any hour now he’s going to edit this post to blame it on exams. <_< I've gone ahead and started on Kohaku's route, which is now sitting at 18%. Total progress on the VN has passed the 50% mark. Blah edit: Exams are terrible, yeah. My last one is on Monday, so hopefully I'll be able to make more progress in terms of translating after that. As for an actual release date, as much as I'd like to say sometime next month, it really depends if we can fix everything that needs to be fixed (the engine isn't exactly English-friendly).

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