So as it turns out, progress on this is actually being made (!?) and editing is complete. I believe all of the technical issues have also been fixed, and now it’s just waiting on some final QC. Seriously, I am as surprised as you are.

Apparently there is no ETA on release date because our QCers have lives? What? Well, whatever. It’ll be out eventually… I hope.

And now a message from Blah:
[14:11:47] <@Menma> special thanks to esperknight for reworking his tools and no thanks to the three people who offered to help and then disappeared

40 thoughts on “Whoooosh

  1. After So Long….. Its finally Time….. The legend is coming to pass…… and the Time is Now………. Thank You For All Your Work, Final Steps are The Most Satisfying. Please Bring This Wonder to This Nations of (insert american stereotype here) And May Wonder And Joy Shine Upon Us All.

  2. we cant thanks u guys enough….im so happy that there is still groups who work hard and seriously in their projects…ty so much guys :)

  3. Since you guys are done translating and stuff I was wondering if you guys would maybe consider translating Miu route (final route) as the translator just suddenly retired over at staircase subs. Thanks again for your handwork

  4. Thank you so much for finally finishing this. I had my hopes up a year or so ago when it looked close.
    I would check up on it almost daily for a couple weeks. Then I did weekly for a few months. Then I started to lose faith that this would ever get translated lol. Thank you so much for proving me wrong.

  5. Any word from the QCers? I’ve still got like 3 VN’s to finish, so I ain’t in a hurry, but i’m curious to hear where they’re at.

  6. Hahahaha Thanks For Your Hardwork Guys :D

    But Don’t Rush Things Too Far :/

    Haste Make Waste ;)

    So Just Take Your Time In Finishing This Translation :D

    • Learn Japanese yourself. Translation and putting out patches is tons and tons of work that most people will never understand.

  7. If I were in charge of QC I’d have read it back and forth so many times by now. Is ridiculous for it to be this many months isn’t it?

  8. I await this release if i knew any Japanese or programming skills i would help as much as possible but alas i do not unless someone is willing to show me how. If there is anything i could do even lacking those skills i would be glad to help as long as it does not get in the way of my education (yes i have a life, blasphemy right?).

  9. I hate to be “that guy”, but how goes the progress? It’s nearing November – guess the QC unearthed a whole lotta bugs that need fixin’, eh?

    • Nah, he’s just slow because he has school work and stuff. He’s somewhere in Kohaku’s route at the moment, so maybe sometime within the month if we’re lucky.

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