No this is not an April Fool’s joke. It’s not even April!
Thank god it’s not April. As if this project needed to delayed ANOTHER five months.

Download link: Self-hosted | MEGA
Translation notes: (also included in patch download)

The patch translates everything except for the Font Settings window. I made a reference image for that if you want to change, well, font settings. I recommend at least adding drop shadow to make it easier to read.

Please check the translation documentation before asking questions.

Messages from some of the staff:
Cypheriad: “You who have waited two years will merely have waited to be disappointed. Seriously, the game is, by and large, crap. And mainly large crap.”
TReusbucks: “advertise my wiki! :V” (Okay, fine. Visit for your school idol needs)

As for future project plans, I can’t really say. Personally I (Shini) have been translating some things on and off, but they’re so far off from completion that I doubt I’ll announce anything until they’re almost done. As for the group as a whole, well, we’ll see.

And now I will go back to Kancolle for the next 5 hours. Have fun~

Edit: BTW the game title is Shinigami no Kiss wa Wakare no Aji.

69 thoughts on “Patch release

  1. You who have waited two years will merely have waited to be disappointed. Seriously, the game is, by and large, crap. And mainly large crap

    So I am wasting my time

    • Yeesh, did someone piss in your cheerios this morning? More translations are good, and just because you don’t personally like a VN doesn’t mean other people won’t. If you really have nothing better to do than attempt to rain on someone’s parade like that, I’m sorry to say you really are wasting your time friend :S.

      Anyways, cheers to Kohaku for finishing and releasing this translation patch!

  2. “You who have waited two years will merely have waited to be disappointed. Seriously, the game is, by and large, crap. And mainly large crap.”

    Well now i´m afraid to play it and find out it´s not nearly as good as i imagined O_O

  3. Linebreaks sometimes get into the next line. It happens occasionally in the text window and often in the backlog.
    And that sucks. :(

  4. Hi,

    I have “Shinigami no Kiss wa Wakare no Aji – Popular Edition”, I installed the patch and it seems to work flawlessly, however I read the translation notes and can not figure out what this means:

    ” Our patch will still work if you choose to install our patch onto a pre-patched copy of the game, but the load confirmations will remain in Japanese.”

    What are these “load confirmations”?

    Also, thank you very much for finally releasing this patch and for all the hard work you poured unto seeing this project to completion.

    • When you click on the Quick Load button or when you load from a save slot, there’s a confirmation message asking if you want to load. It’s referring to those messages.

      • Oh I see, thank you for taking the time to reply to this.

        I had two other questions if you may, it is regarding two weird occurences in the game that I encountered.

        1. When Shizuku is grabbing her hand from behind her back, there are two grey lines on Shizuku the left side and right side running through the screen, you can even see it in the screenshot used with the patch release annoucement, see here:

        2. When Kohaku enters the bathroom and stares at Makoto “thing”, the picture goes from top to bottom, in this particular instance the picture is very aliased or pixelated (or both).

        • 1. This is an issue with the original game files. The sprites for that Shizuku pose have a 1px gray border on the left/top/right (you just don’t notice the top one because it’s off-screen). Personally I never noticed so I didn’t think to fix it for our patch.

          2. The resolution for the CGs in this game are only 800×600. So when they zoom in to do that panning effect, the picture will be pixelated because you can’t directly enlarge an image without it losing quality. IIRC it’s very rare that they do that though, so just put up with it, I guess.

          At any rate both of these are normal and present in the original game, so you don’t have to worry about it being an installation issue.

          • Thank you for the lenghty and indepth explanation, I figured that Shizuku pose was not an issues on my end since it was also present in the screenshot used for this post.

            For the second issue, I tried to play the scene in windowed mode and it was still pixelated and/or aliased, I figured that it might have to do with the scene pretty much just being a simple zoom to the scene, but it was surprising still since as you wouldnt expect something like this to be used.

            Anyway, glad it is not a compatibility issue with the “Popular Edition” or something.

            Thanks again.

  5. I started reading it yesterday and it’s pretty enjoyable so far. I have no idea how the original japanese writing style is, but this translation sounds really great (I haven’t noticed any typos, and it’s a smooth, easy read). Great job, honestly.
    I’ll look forward to any other translation project you’re planning!

  6. Holy crap – it’s almost like its christmasn?! Not just Ikkoi, but Shinigami no Kiss wa Wakare no Aji as well both releasing patch *head explodes into candy*

  7. well i’ve finished the game,dunno why u called u crap..maybe not worth 2 years of waiting,idk cuz i’ve only noticed this project late this year

    and this game contained a tolerable ‘tsundere’ which was refreshing

  8. So I finished the game a couple hours ago (Kohaku route) and I was wondering, what made you guys choose to translate this particular VN?

    Like many have said, Shinigami is not mediocre and pretty far off from being crap, but its certainly not groundbreaking and pretty far off from being amazing.

    • Main reason was because I didn’t want to commit to anything particularly long, and then Shini found this so I was like “Okay, sure.”

  9. Shinigami no Kiss wa Wakare no Aji English Patch error

    It say

    the game does not seem to installed in that folder. please select the correct folder.


    you must enter a full path with drive letter

  10. Sorry for reliving the comment. the archived installation directory link that Blah gave to Angelus has been remvoved. And I get the same problem with Windows 10 (Not installed there). I noticed this VN last week and decided to not play it ’till I get the patch work as I’m not japanese.

    can someone re-upload that archive (probably to google drive or mediafire)?

    • I think I have found what’s actually happening here (replying my own like that even have not moderated yet).

      I debugged your patcher with Cheat Engine (it useful after all), and found out that during the process it finds the しにきす.exe without japanese encoding. So it just finding *random symbol*.exe instead of しにきす.exe, and returns not found as it finds other things else.

      The workaround is run the patcher with Japanese Locale + Admin Rights so it finds しにきす.exe right away. There’s a free Locale Emulator for Windows 10

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