Hi guys, as you may have heard, Sekai Project just announced their official localization of Ley-Line. Yes, we have been aware of this, and that’s why work on the patch was stalled. Apologies for the lack of updates.

Needless to say, we will not be releasing the translation patch for this game. Please support the official release of the game; it will be more polished than our patch for sure :)

You can see the snazzy official product page here:

Blah edit: In case it wasn’t clear, our translation is being used for this official release.

20 thoughts on “Ley-Line official localization announced

    • 18+ is up to Sekai…

      Ley-Line is a series that cannot be fully appreciated without its sequels. They only have the 1st game for now, but of course 2nd and 3rd are very real possibilities… assuming sales for the 1st game are promising :P

      • I really hope there will be a 18+ version/patch or a (un)official patch for the release, because i want to read the same novel like the fans in japan
        Still….congratulation for the localization ^^
        I really dont like Sekai Project, but you guys deserved this official release like Lemnisca Translations

      • Thanks. Well, for now we can only hope for no KS (the fatigue is real and I’m not confident it can even reach the needed target nowadays) and a +18 release from Denpa. Wonder if Unison are the ones creating non-H edition, as afaik all ages version doesn’t even exist yet and I really don’t want to imagine Sekai cutting it themselves =/

  1. What happened with Shini-tan mystery projects and Blah project ?
    Shini-tan: Mystery project #1
    Intro, common route done (5961 lines)

    Mystery project #2
    1127 lines out of [insert large number here]

    Blah: ~2284/23453

    • Blah’s was just the 2nd leyline game, probably? I think we both forgot about that sidebar lol.

      Another group picked up my #1 so I stopped working on that. #2 probably won’t happen anytime ever; I don’t have the time to work on it anymore.

  2. I wondered, what were you planning about the second game? I mean, if SP never showed up…
    What was the shini secret project after all this time?

  3. Is Sekai not releasing a +18 version? (please ignore the post before this one. I forgot to check the notify box if someone replies.)

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