Shini-tan here. There seem to be many misconceptions about the status of this project (and myself).

1. We have a handy staff page here. If you would take a look at the table, you would see that I am not an editor for this project and thus editing progress is out of my control.

2. Let’s take a look at what I actually do: translation (Honoka route and part of Kohaku route – already complete) and translation checking. The first half of Shizuku’s route is already TLCed. Now according to our progress page, editing progress on Shizuku’s route is at 0% instead of 50% (or more precisely, 48.7%). This is because translation checking is not the same as editing and for the last time, I am not the editor.

3. There are still technical issues with patching the game. The most obvious one is word wrap, although there are other things like the CG gallery breaking when we patch image files.

4. It’s spelled TERA, not TERRA.

Keeping these points in mind, I am very confused when I read the latest comments on this site. But it’s okay! Just keep blaming me for everything since apparently that’s what’s easiest.

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  1. Ok so your not the editor but, you do translation check and according to blah that comes before the editing. Blah says that one of the major hold up is because you are to busy playing TERA to finish the translation check. If this is not the case i am sorry for any misconception and I hope you continue to work on the project as i am looking forward to its completion.

    • The first part of Shizuku’s route has been TLCed and waiting to be edited for months now. The editor has been busy with classes and hasn’t gotten around to working on it yet. I did a bit more TLC the other day but ultimately there isn’t too much of a loss in going straight from translation to editing anyway.

      Yes I was busy with TERA but do take note that all three of our main staff are university students in high-workload programs. So it’s not strange for all of us to be busy to begin with.

      • I totally get the University student part! I am college student as well. I bet you all have been busy as it midterm time. I know i sure have been. :)

    • Well, she’s started working on it again, so maybe we’ll get some stuff done.

      Anyway, the “trouble” is that we have no way of getting the text to word wrap. Of course, I could just do it manually by myself, but that’s a massive pain.

    • We don’t currently have an automated way of splitting lines. Even if we did, it’d be impractical to do so when the script is still undergoing revisions, since the line splitting would have to be redone every time.

  2. WOW that sounds like it would be a pain Blah. Thanks for the info. Good Luck to you both on finishing the project and thanks again for your hard work.

    • Hanairo @ TLC (Shini) – I have no idea if she will ever get around to this
      Angel Beats @ TS – 18 is typeset, but I don’t know if any more will be done by our volunteer
      Kazumi @ TS – I got someone to take care of this, but they’re busy with some other stuff at the moment and it got put on the backburner. At least you can still read the translations on /a/non’s site.

      • Thanks for the status update! And yeah, I figured out several days ago that there’s still a way to read Kazumi, though I prefer your work ^^

  3. I’ve wanted to play this, and without you guys, I probably wouldn’t ever get the chance. Thanks for that, and keep it up. I’m looking forward to the final release.

  4. Do you guys think there is any possible chance we can see a release of the patch by beginning of summer vacation?…..or maybe the end of it?

    • Shini’s TLCed the rest of Shizuku’s route and started working on Kohaku’s route. Editor’s still a couple of in-game scripts away from finishing off Shizuku’s since he’s had midterms. Still can’t give an ETA for anything at this point.

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