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Well, this took long enough lol. It’s hardsubbed because it’s really heavy on typesetting effects (I guarantee the softsubbed version won’t play properly for 99% of you without xy-vsfilter because PARTICLES EVERYWHERE). Either way, you wouldn’t really gain anything from it being softsubbed, so yeah, hardsub go. The script for this was a whole 1 MB for two minutes of video.


Blah edit: Note that this probably isn’t going to be the final version that’s going to be included with the release of the final patch (if we ever get to that, lol). The quotes for each character are probably going to be modified for consistency with the actual lines for the game, and obviously, we’re not going to know what they are until we get to them. Oh, and credits after the jump, for those people who actually care.

Translation: Blah
Translation Check: Shini-tan
Karaoke Timer: Akarui_Ame
Karaoke Effects: Shini-tan (who stole the template from somewhere)
Typesetting: Blah
QC: Shini-tan

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