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  1. Keep up the great work, I know I speak for all of us when I say we’re extremely thankful for all the time and dedication you’ve put forth towards this project!

    • No. As far as getting a patch out goes, Shini’s been too busy with TERA to get any image editing done, so we haven’t even started QC-ing the thing. As for translation progress, I’m working on getting the rest of Kohaku’s route translated.

      • Sounds good to me. It is just too common for translation projects to fall apart out of nowhere. Anyway thanks for all the hard work.

  2. Do you know when Shini`s going to do some soene image edititing? It just makes me a bit worried as it seems we already lost shini`s to Tera. The game can be highly addicting. lol thanks you also for translating this game and I am glad to hear that you are still making progress. Keep up the good work!

    • Um, if I force her to, she’ll probably do it, but we’re not done looking over scripts anyway. As this rate, we’re probably just gonna aim to release a complete patch rather than a partial patch. She’s been playing TERA since the open beta, so maybe she’ll be done with it soon enough.

      In any case, don’t worry about us dropping it; I’ll make sure that we won’t.

  3. just a little over a thousand lines come on home stretch

    its always refreshing to see a project get finnish even more so if you root for them

  4. Keep up the great work, I cannot express how appreciative I am for all the work your team has put into translating this game!

  5. over a month and no update on progress …. are you alive or did it died at the end if so just send me the files and ill finish it if possible…. i am just worried because it was so close to compleation and now nothing

  6. Hello, Soo is it out yet? the translation? I wanna play this game soo bad.. Please someone enlighten me on this, are you guys going to release something?

    • Basically, making sure that if the line is too long for the message box, the line breaks at a space instead of in the middle of a word. For example:

      This is a

      instead of:

      This is a sen

  7. Any more progress done? How long will it take to finish the rest? Good job on the translation work and thanks.

  8. guys was this game dropped and if not

    what is stopping you from releasing the last complete patch as far as ican see it’s 100 %


  9. Holy shit, I had no idea someone had taken this up. I was going to do this VN a long time ago (like 2010 or something) before anyone else grabbed it. I wrote this long-ass guide on how I was going to do the translation too, but it looks like you guys got it.
    If you want to see the guide I wrote a long time ago, here you go: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1d8ubA-1_J-S0QkAOd6YDK7WjnFHR5Y5xrFquLlEmzjc/edit?usp=sharing

    Too bad I didn’t notice you guys until just now.

      • Does it look like we care if we keep people waiting? The editor and I (and pretty much anyone else working on this project) had assignments and finals this past month. It’s being worked on and it’ll be done when it’s done. Complaining isn’t going to make it come out any faster.

        • 頑張って!! I hope it’ll release soon.. but not as soon as tomorrow, cause I still got a bunch of VN on my HDD and I still haven’t played it.. :D

        • @Blah you’re my personal hero, indeed you guys are doing this just for fun, it’s not like someone gonna pay you in the end; all of you have my respect and gratitude. Have a nice day… and for the haters if you don´t want waiting take a dictionary for japanese and play

        • good to know that you’re still doing the translation , i’m so worried that you might drop the project when it’s so close to finished

          • would you rather have them not release it at all or are you just vary impatient with nothing better to do.

          • Can’t you see that the editing for kohaku route isn’t done ?
            Blind aren’t you? Even if you are waiting for the game have some patient
            i am sure you are one of those people that complains if you can’t play you complain if you can play you also complain type of people just have some patient they will release the patch when its finished with all the details

  10. I just wanna say thanks for staying with this work, and you guys are all amazing for doing this on you’re own choices despite a couple in-grates

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