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  1. Any luck with resolving the technical issues? Or will the patch be released without resolving them since they’re non-critical?

  2. “Game crashes when you try to load up CG/replay mode. It’s nothing really that major.”

    Think that was the case with Muv-luv Alternative; either it didnt naturely offer a cg/replay section, or the translation team disabled those parts.

  3. So, should we expect to see the game being released within the next month or so?
    Looks like only a bit of the editing is left.

  4. Saw this on FuwaNovel and noticed your translation progress im looking forward to when you finally release it as for your cg and replay problem people can just keep a save on the scenes no? i hope your hardwork pays off its people like you that keep VNs alive outta Japan :D

    P.s DARN TERA!!

  5. Dont tell me this is another nice VN that only have a very little left to do and stopped? :( THat happened to Dracu-Riot for another team now :(

    • Yeah I’d really like to know about that. One guy’s done I heard, so it’s probably just one guy left. This is taking a while for just a QC. I’d like to know a general idea on the status a least, like is the QC guy not interested or are there bugs to be fixed? I’m just curious as to what could the hold up be?
      Otherwise, if there’s work to be done they should take their time.

  6. Wow, just as Okami said. Your translation is going quite fast.
    Less than 2 months since the translation was announced, and you have translated already a third of the story?
    Even if edition has not been done yet… this is really fast! If you keep this space, and there’s no problem with the programing… you may finish this by this year.
    To be honest, a year is really good for a translation.
    And you’ll probably won’t even take that long.

    I was starting to wonder if I should use ATLAS so read this… but since the translation my expectations(by far) I shall wait(still have other thousands of things to see, read and play). Besides, I was afraid of using ATLAS since this seems to have some complex story.

    I’m expecting a lot of you, since you doing this isn’t mandatory.
    It’s nice to see this kind of beautiful translations from time to time. Thank you… really!!!

  7. *gasp* Ley Line, now with editing! Glad to see this progressing at a good rate. Maybe a release this year is possible?

  8. How I wish all translations could go this fast…
    I really appreciate all the work you’ve put in to the project and I look forward to playing it

  9. i admire you guys, you really do good translations, i wish after you translate this can get some visual novel like majikoi or some other ones that are @droped or just put in hold for years… anyway , im looking forward to read this next project of u guys xD

      • Hi Shini, does that mean you were working on the second Leyline game simultaneously from back when?

        “I am on TLC duty because I am busy translating a different project – more news on that later, perhaps.”

        Or was that mystery project 2? O.o

        • She’s doing some completely different stuff that probably won’t get done. I’ll be starting the translation of the second game after taking a break.

      • but is there any progress being made on this game,
        it really looks fun, it I have seen its been a while since any
        real progress reports where made for this game,
        well I hope we get to hear some news soon,
        keep up the good work translating games.

          • I know, I was just wondering if it was still bieng worked on.
            as there has not been any real update information for a long time.
            but please correct me if I am wrong,
            I really appriciate the work the translators are doing,
            but at the same time I would hate it if the same
            thing happens like it did with the game Dracu-riot!

            ps sorry for my bad english

    • It’s not out yet; how would we know for sure? If it’s the same 3 discs as the original games then it will be fine.

      • I didnt mean for my question to offend and yes it is 3 DVDs, the games started coming out in 2012, so they probably didnt change anything.

  10. ok so you guys do a great job translating i played shinikiss my least favorite visual novels ive ever played…not against you i just didn’t like the story but i cant wait for this i check each day

    • People are busy with stuff. Also Esper sorta disappeared so we have no way of repacking the files at the moment even if the script were finished.

    • Who knows? Shinigami took some time to get released after it was translated. 12Riven translation was just completed today, but from what they say it might be awhile for the patch to get released.

  11. Thanks for all your hard work. Can’t wait for the translation to finish. Just installed all 3 games, since my triology edition just arrived. The game looks great already. Did your tech guy come back or are you still without someone to repack the files?

  12. 1. What would an ETA be for the patch release, I’m asking for minimum and maximum time that it could still take.
    2. Can’t you cooperate with other to speed up the translation/patch ?

    • 2. That’s not as easy as you’d think. The Ayakashibito translation spent more than a year (IIRC?) trying to recruit reliable editors. I bet the patch is most likely to come out if the current people maintain the current pace.

      Also, I just want to say thanks for working on this! As soon as the patch comes out, I’m going to recommend it to some people. I’ve played all 3 VNs in Japanese and loved them.

    • They’ll need to QC after the editing phase is completed, I think. It probably wont take as long as the editing but it’s still rather time intensive.

  13. Looks like you guys are making good progress,
    álmost can’t wait to play this game.
    on second tought I can’t wait but I will have too.
    keep up the good work

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