Our first project as Kohaku Translations. Not sure if we intend to have future ones.
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I’ll just be skipping introductions because none of us are new to the translation scene, and there isn’t much to say anyway. We’ve only got a few active projects, and none of the monthly ones are much work (Kazumi is a joint, Orgel is easy), so for our 1-year anniversary, we ended up working on a VN to kill time. Scanlations should still remain our first priority, though.

We chose ShiniKiss as our first project because Blah is too lazy to translate long VNs (SK is pretty short). There’s only around 18k lines in total, so hopefully it won’t take us too long. The game has been successfully hacked (special thanks to EsperKnight for helping out with that), so all that’s left is to translate/edit. A progress page has been put up so you can see how far along we are.

We were going to have the subbed OP video ready for this post, but I learned within about a minute that k-timing with a touchpad was not meant to be done.

If you have any comments or inquiries, find us on IRC at #fang-tan@irc.rizon.net, send us an email at shinitan.scans [at] gmail [dot] com, or just leave a comment on this blog somewhere. If you have any complaints, keep them to yourself because no one cares.

2 thoughts on “Shinigami no Kiss wa Wakare no Aji

  1. You may want to contact teruterubouzu/magical_macaron in #tlwiki since he has already made some progress on translating this though I’m not really sure how much or what he did with it. HTH

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